Why I’ve decided to blog

I’m Sarah. 35. Wife. Mother of one. Pregnant with number two. Actually, very pregnant. Could-drop-at-any-time pregnant. I start maternity leave in two days and my due date is 10 days away.

Good time to start a blog? Probably not. I should know better with this being my second baby. I’m probably deluded to think that producing a miniature human from my body, who is totally dependent on me, requiring round-the-clock care and attention for the foreseeable future, won’t interfere with my masterplan to document any significant and not-so-significant musings of my life.

Sod it, I’m gonna give it my best shot.

I love to write. My job predominantly involves writing. I also freelance as a writer. I know how lucky I am to spend my working hours doing something I enjoy.

When I had my daughter almost five years ago I felt very differently about leaving work to go on maternity leave. Although I had a similar job, perhaps it was the fact I’d wanted to be a mother for so long (more on that later) that the prospect of this brand new role of ‘mummy’ eclipsed EVERYTHING else and I was quite happy to fully embrace the complete career change.

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t start a blog back then or at least keep a proper journal during my pregnancy and after my daughter was born. I’ve still got a diary (yep I wrote things down on actual paper in 2010) recording important milestones, hospital appointments, lists of things-to-buy etc. I wrote a detailed ‘birth story’ about my labour and birth but once home it quickly reverted to notes and snippets of my new life.

I was on maternity leave for over a year. It was bliss and I enjoyed every moment. I can honestly say I didn’t miss work at all. I went through the same emotional turmoil as many other mothers do and was shit scared of going back. The reality, of course, wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The little lady survived quite happily (two days a week with grandparents – spoiled much?) and I soon found my feet again. There had been a big restructure while I’d been away and I came back to a new and exciting job. Being part time and with the little lady becoming more independent by the day I found the oomph I needed to start believing in myself and start freelancing on the side.

Fast forward almost four years and here I am again. It’s been quite a journey to reach this point (yet again) and this time around I’m determined to put my passion for writing to good use and jump on the blogging bandwagon.

Perhaps nobody will read my ramblings but me (and hopefully my grandchildren in about 40 years from now). But anyone else who stops by in the meantime – thank you.


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