Time to nest and finish the nursery

At 41 weeks today I’m exactly one week overdue. One thing is certain, this little tenant of mine will born in July. The question is what day he or she will decide to evict themselves? Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year in the UK, so probably not an ideal time to go into labour, but hardly ideal for hauling a huge bump around either. Here in Devon it’s cloudy and very humid, with thunderstorms on the way, apparently. I saw my midwife this morning and she said that women often go into labour during a thunderstorm, something to do with the barometric pressure changes. Fingers crossed.

The positive aspect of going overdue has meant having time to get properly stuck into a bit more nesting! The most exciting aspect of which has been getting the nursery completely ready. We finished painting it (sorry, the other half finished painting it) a couple of weeks ago but I’ve had chance to add a few final touches.

Our nursery is quite possibly The World’s Smallest Nursery. Forget separate changing stations or nursing chairs, we’ve barely space for a cot. The room may be small but I love it. It served the little lady well from birth to just past her fourth birthday last year, when we moved her into the second bigger bedroom.

I’ve never been a big fan of matchy-matchy furniture and our whole house is a complete mix of handed-down family pieces, second-hand upcycled purchases and a few modern Ikea bits left over from our first home together. The nursery reflects this. It is pretty much as we had it almost five years ago. We were going to redecorate completely and make it into a home office once our daughter moved rooms, but I stalled because I didn’t want to paint over her mural. Now I’m very glad we didn’t!

We didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl last time so the decor was already fairly neutral. We’ve just freshened things up a bit by:

  • painting three of the previously-green walls white
  • repainting all of the woodwork white
  • refurbing existing pine shelves with some white paint and wax
  • shortening the curtains (which I made last time but were floor length) and adding black-out lining
  • adding a new blind and a brilliant space-saving cot-top changer

Things that we have kept the same:

  • the green wall with the mural (I roughly copied the design from the curtain fabric).
  • the wardrobe, which is actually an Ikea cupboard which we’ve had for about 13 years. Jim took out a shelf and added a hanging rail to the bottom section.
  • the bookcase (Argos), which isn’t the prettiest but fits perfectly and both it and the wardrobe are behind the door so you don’t see them as you walk in the room.
  • the Mamas and Papas cot that we bought second hand last time. It’s probably about 20 years old. I really hated the shiny varnished finish so as a complete labour of love I sanded and waxed it during my last pregnancy.
  • the chest of drawers, given to us by my in-laws. It’s so beaten-up looking, but that’s what I love about it. Last time it doubled up as a changing station but it’s quite low and didn’t exactly do much for our backs. Hence the cot-top changer. Why we didn’t get one of these last time I don’t know!

It’s such a cosy little room that just needs a baby in it now…


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