Beautiful Bicton

Weather-wise, it’s fair to say that this summer has been a bit of a wash out so far. Not exactly what I had hoped for while on maternity leave.

Then last Sunday the forecast promised us some (intermittent) sunshine, so we decided to have a much-needed family day.

I asked E where she would like to go and she said Bicton Park. As we’ve got family membership this also equated to a cheap trip out. Bonus.

At six weeks old it was V’s first visit to Bicton. We mainly chilled out on the grass while E dragged daddy off to the play park.

Of course, it wasn’t long before she made herself some friends – our daughter never fails to amaze us with her confidence and ability to strike up conversation with anyone, whether they are six or 60. Less social butterfly, more social battering ram.

Afterwards we walked around the gorgeous gardens, which really are quite something.

It’s easy to take a place for granted when it’s local (especially as I’ve been coming to Bicton since I wasn’t much older than E). image

Perhaps it’s because we hadn’t been as a family of four before, or maybe I’m still a bit high with post-pregnancy euphoria, but I really appreciated the beauty of the place more than ever before. We are so lucky.


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