Summer, summed up

I feel that I really should write a post explaining why the past few weeks have been a bit crazy and I haven’t posted for a while. Back when I started this blog I did admit that it might be a bit ambitious with a new baby on the way, but in those first few weeks after V was born I managed quite a few posts. Then about a month ago, life just seemed to get a bit silly and the days since I’d written anything rapidly turned into weeks. The main reasons for this are:

    • We are having major building work done on our house. Yep, we thought doing this at the same time as welcoming a baby was a great idea. The work pretty much got underway just a few days after V was born. The past month it has gone into overdrive – knocking down walls, steels going in, ripping out the old crappy kitchen and so on. Complete chaos. However, the worst is over, as the extension is up, the wall is down and we’ll soon have a lovely brand new open plan family room. My shiny new kitchen arrives tomorrow. To say I’m excited is an understatement.


    • A couple of weeks ago E turned five and started school. Two major milestones at once. My beautiful baby girl is no longer classed as a ‘pre-schooler’ (I’m still getting over her leaving toddlerhood) and is now at primary school. How. Did. That. Happen. Her birthday, well, is probably deserving of a separate post, and school – so far – is going amazingly well. She’s loving it, which I knew she would, and we’ve not been late yet (no mean feat considering the chaos we’re living in).


    • What summer? The weather has been crap. As I said before, this was not the start I’d planned for my maternity leave. I’d daydreamed about lazy days on the beach, long walks with the pushchair, day trips and picnics. Instead, in the main (apart from one or two notable sunny days) I’ve spent most of August and the start of September enjoying the delights of indoor soft play. Now my big girl has started school I’d gladly avoid seeing another bumpy slide or ball pit for at least a couple of months.


So with autumn officially here (it must be, because I’m wearing my onesie and the spiders are already migrating into my house *shudder*) I’m determined to get back on the blogging wagon.



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