Baby, blogging and belated resolutions

The boy is seven months old. WT actual F?! I’m over two-thirds of the way through my maternity leave already *serious sad face* and since I last posted, waaaay back in October, my boy has gone from being an incredibly gorgeous-yet-admittedly-slightly boring baby on a repeat eat/sleep/poo cycle to an even more gorgeous (yes, this is possible) babbling, eating, grabbing, sitting, rolling mini person.

I started off posting pretty regularly when I started this blog back last summer. And then a few months ago life just took over, we were having an extension built and major building work done, E started school, Christmas was lurking around the corner, things just got really busy. In between all that I just wanted to enjoy the moment of being a mum and having a young baby. Living it rather than trying to document it all.

It’s my nature to worry that I’ll forget things – when V does something for the first time, or just the funny little everyday moments. But actually, that’s why I use Instagram. I am guilty of posting a LOT of photos and I’m sure some of my friends think I’m bonkers. I mean is it necessary to post a photo every time we go for a walk on the beach or to capture every single brother-and-sister cuddle. But looking back through my Instagram feed triggers so many memories, I look at a photo from six months ago and think ‘oh yeah, I remember that day we did that, and such and such happened’. I’ve always been one for taking photos, whether phone or SLR, but the ones on my Instagram are like the highlights, the stuff that happens that I really don’t want to forget and I find it so useful to have it all there in one place.

However, V is that little bit older now and we have settled into some kind of – dare I say it – routine. I’ve been starting to think about things that I need, and want, to do that fall outside of just being ‘mummy’ and blogging-more-often is one of them. Call it a belated new year resolution. I’m generally crap at the whole new year resolution thing, I think because I find January such a depressing month. Who the hell thought January was a good time to make a fresh start and change things in your life when it’s so cold and dark and all you want to do is watch box sets and eat your way through the rest of the Christmas chocolate (true story). As soon as there’s a hint of spring in the air I’m a happier, more motivated person and find it so much easier to tackle stuff. Besides, it’s the start of the Chinese new year this week so I’m using that as my starting point! 



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