One of those weeks

I really hope the saying ‘bad luck comes in threes’ has some truth to it because I have had my three this week.

First off, after battling a cold for a couple of weeks, it started getting worse rather than better at the weekend. Headache turned into what felt like a migraine, with excruciating pain above my eyes. My teeth and jaw started to ache and I just wanted to crawl into bed and hide from everyone.ย After a consultation with Dr Google, who diagnosed me with at least 20 possible illnesses, several of which were obviously life-threatening, I thought it was perhaps time to see an actual GP. Resulting professional diagnosis – a sinus infection with advice to rest (ha fat chance!) and start a course of antibiotics.

Then on Wednesday, E brought some little friends home from school. Nits! Not the first time this term, I might add. We already had the pleasure earlier in the year of treating the whole family for headlice, as well as washing all bedding, towels, hats, uniform, teddies, anything that could have provided shelter or transport for the little critters. I did the recommended follow-up treatments and continued to check regularly since and there’s been no sign.ย Until this week. So we’ve been through the whole treating, washing, checking cycle again over the past couple of days.

The big fat juicy cherry on top of my rather shitty week was someone driving up the back of my car yesterday. It was pretty cut and dried that it was the other driver’s fault so I’m hoping it should get sorted out fairly easily, but it’s just a pain in the proverbial sorting out insurance and getting the car booked in for repair.

Yes, this is all very much first-world-problem stuff. It could all have been much worse, especially the car accident. V was with me but safely tucked into his rear-facing car seat so hopefully feltย very little of the impact. He has been fine since thankfully.

Anyway, vent over. It’s Friday. There’s a bottle of Malbec open with my name on it. I feel better already.


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