I’m dreaming of a new bedroom (on a budget)

It’s half term and the past few days have been non-stop, ferrying E around to various activities and soft play places. I had every intention that today would be a ‘quiet’ day. I had visions of a lie-in, followed by a morning of tea, toast and telly.

Instead, I decided our bedroom needed redecorating.

I have what can only be described as a scattergun approach to DIY. My head is full of so many AMAZING ideas for my house, the problem is I want to start them all at once.

It’s been six years since we last decorated our bedroom, when I was pregnant with Edie. We did the standard feature wall in heavy purple wallpaper which now looks dated. The rest of the paintwork is looking pretty shabby (and not in the chic sense of the word). A year or so ago I had a thing for brightly coloured furniture and I painted my dressing table yellow (VERY yellow) to contrast the purple and added some bright cushions. I think this was my inspiration at the time.

Having gone through a very-colourful-slightly-cluttered looking stage, I’ve now swung completely the other way and I’m a bit obsessed with mid-century design and minimal interiors. Mad Men meets Scandinavian. I know it’s everywhere at the moment and I’m sure it will be done to death like shabby chic soon enough.There’s something a bit more timeless about thisΒ look though. We’ve got a lovely new kitchen/family room now which is so light and airy and it lends itself to being more contemporary. I guess it’s made me want to extend that feeling through the rest of the house.


Some recent Pinterest porn I’ve been swooning over

The problem is I’m on maternity leave, we’ve already spent too much money on our house over the past year, the husband is in the midst of establishing a new business and we have very little spare cash for me to blow on a bedroom makeover. So I need to do this on a budget. I’ve been planning it in my head for a few weeks and thinking up ways I can create a look I want for as little outlay as possible. Furniture-wise I think I’ve got this. I’ve got a cracking idea to upcycle something we’ve already got into some mid-century inspired bedside tables. The yellow dressing table has to go, I don’t sit at it anyway and I’d rather have a tall chest of drawers in its place with more storage. But I need to paint it, because I will sell it in order to replace it and it has to compliment the rest of the room in the meantime.

I’m also on the hunt for bargain bedside lamps and a light shade and I’m undecided what to do about replacing the blind/curtains. Although I’d love to rip out the fitted wardrobes, get rid of the carpet and sand/treat the floor back to boards and replace the bedframe, this is all way out of budget right now so will have to wait until another time.

But first, back to the boring prep work of decorating, like stripping wallpaper. I had thought I’d start next week when E was back at school, but then a friend offered to take her out for a few hours so I decided it was now or never. Actually, because it’s only been up for a few years (not decades) and the wall was replastered before it was papered, it is coming off very easily. It’s just a case of wetting it and letting it soak for long enough so it peels off in nice big sections (I’m so impatient though!)


I’m now at that ‘oh shit what have I started’ stage. I think the same thought went through V’s head judging by his expression…



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