Ten reasons why Easter is the new Christmas

When I was little, Easter wasn’t such a big deal. I remember getting excited about the prospect of chocolate and my mum doing a slightly-more-special-than-usual Sunday lunch. But in the 1980s Easter definitely wasn’t the epic egg-fest we celebrate now.

E goes to a church primary school so she understands and talks about the religious aspect quite a lot (much to the delight of her atheist father). But this is the first year she’s gone a bit loopy over the whole Easter bunny/chocolate side of things.

When she gleefully declared on the night before Easter Sunday that it was ‘Easter Eve’, I half expected her to ask if she could hang a stocking up.

It made me realise that there are several reasons why Easter might as well be the spring Christmas:


1. You start talking about it months in advance

January and February are hard going. Once everyone has established exactly what date Easter will fall on and got past the usual “ooh isn’t it early/late this year”, the long Easter weekend is basically a light at the end of a very long winter tunnel.



2. If you’ve got kids you have to put some effort in

The how-much-you-bother scale ranges from ‘Pinterest‘ to ‘pfft’.  I like to think I’m somewhere in the middle.

Who am I trying to kid – at 1 am on Easter Sunday I was penning a poem from an imaginary bunny and creeping around the house stashing eggs.

(Note to self – don’t drink before doing this because there will be typos and you won’t remember where you hid some of the eggs the next day.)



3. You buy actual gifts

The closest I got to a non-edible Easter gift as a child was the ceramic mug my Smarties egg came in.

This year I bought E a few small things like books and some crafty stuff, justifying it by saying I’d have spent the same on a few extra eggs. This is the first year she’s been bought actual toys from other family members though and I expect this will now become the norm.



4. Facebook makes you feel a bit crap if you don’t get into the spirit

The constant photo stream of egg hauls, fresh flowers and Easter trees (see number 7), not to mention gushing status updates about what a wonderful time everyone is having, can be difficult to ignore.

Like most things on Facebook, it’s important to take it all with a pinch of salt. People generally only share the best bits.



5. The Easter Bunny is the new Father Christmas

I don’t recall waking up on Easter morning in the early ’80s to an elaborate trail of chocolate eggs, all courtesy of an oversized rabbit who had tiptoed hopped carefully through my house.



6. Lamb is the new turkey

Thanks to Jamie Oliver and most of the big supermarkets, if you’re not planning to roast a lamb joint on Easter Sunday you’re basically a heathen. Jim isn’t a fan of lamb, so we had roast pork. Sorry Jamie.



7. Easter trees are a thing…

Seriously. Easter. Trees. I can barely cope with a Christmas tree once boxing day arrives so the thought of an egg-laden tree makes my teeth itch.



8. …as are Easter decs

Easter table decorations, bunting, wreaths – I wouldn’t be surprised if someone invented Easter tinsel. No thanks.



9. Easter Monday looks a lot like Boxing Day

No work, cardboard boxes to get rid of; along with that slightly-uncomfortable-still-full feeling, a hangover and the urge to get out for a walk so you can burn off a few calories before you start eating again.


10. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em

Before I had children, my default reaction to all this commercialisation was similar to how I felt about Christmas. A bit bah humbug.

I mean, why can’t kids just be grateful for an egg in mug anymore?

But (like Christmas), there’s nothing quite like it when your children are small and they believe in the magic stuff like Santa, tooth fairies and the Easter bunny. In only a few years I’ll have to prize them out of bed to give them their eggs, rather than being woken up at 6am by an over-excited five year old clutching a basket.


Unless you live on a remote island somewhere you probably won’t escape the Easter madness, so just embrace it, take from it the bits that suit you and your family and make your own traditions.

Apart from Easter trees though. There’s really no need.

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18 thoughts on “Ten reasons why Easter is the new Christmas

  1. babiesbiscuitsandbooze says:

    Great post. That house with all the Easter decorations is hilarious and the poor kids with that creepy bunny!! I’ve never been a big easter person, we usually get together with family though. An Easter tree has got me excited though, I am massively into all the gimmicky christmas stuff so if I can extend that somehow I am thrilled!! #bigpinklink

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This Mum's Life says:

    Oh, this is brilliant! I hadn’t actually considered the concept that Easter was turning into the new Christmas! And I loved all the pictures you had, backing up your observations! (I especially love the Facebook quote photo, I might put that as my cover photo on my personal Facebook page, as I have a massive love/hate relationship with it, more hate than love really!) My children are still quite small, so some of the things you talk about, I have totally missed. I did not know that Easter decorations and trees were a thing! I am still living in my 80’s bubble of begging for an egg hunt, never getting one, and having to be delighted with my Smarties egg! I did do a hunt for the toddlers this year, but I’m not sure I’ll be doing any more than that in the future, although, like you say, by the time children are school age, I will probably bow to their pressure, and be pinteresting up my life with wildly elaborate baskets, filled with over the top expensive items… We’ll see!!
    Great post, thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sarah - To Maternity and Beyond says:

      I think being 5 and now at school she picks up on all the stuff in the shops and tv adverts etc. Hard to ignore. I’ve seen a few easter trees on facebook, actually most are a lot more tasteful than the pic I used but even so… And yes I’m with you about the FB quote, definitely a love/hate relationship here too! Thank you for reading and commenting x


  3. anywaytostayathome says:

    Easter has gone a bit mental hasn’t it! I’m sure my parents just chucked chocolate at me and enjoyed themselves as my sister and I ate ourselves into chocolate oblivion. Now there’s like actual effort involved, urghh. I can safely say I shall not be doing an Easter tree though. #TheBabyFormula

    Liked by 1 person

  4. newmummyblogcom says:

    An Easter Tree!!! Wow! Wow! OMG! I actually quite like the idea of an Easter wreath, or maybe an easter table decoration… oh dear I fear I’m getting swept up and thinking these are tame compared to so much of what you’ve just written about 🙂

    Lovely pic of your two at the end – hope you had a lovely Easter and all had lots of fun too.
    Thanks for sharing on #TheBabyFormula

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn says:

    Oh my god you’re right, I never thought of it like this before. I don’t think my parents ever took me on an Easter egg hunt when I was little, 80s baby here, aunts and uncles would just give us an Easter egg and that would be that.
    Can’t believe the Easter tree, think I’ll be giving that a miss 😊 Great read x #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

  6. mumzilla says:

    Wow. That tree is an abomination. I do have a secret hankering to make one of those blossom branch and painted egg ones next year though…thanks for linking up with our very first #chucklemums

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Motherhood IRL says:

    Easter trees? What. The. FUCK?! You totally have a point though; Easter was not A Thing when I was a kid. You got an egg and that was it. Maybe you made something Easter-ish at playgroup/school before you broke up for the holidays. And that was it. I went into Sainsbury’s before Easter this year and there were little decorations EVERYWHERE! What’s going on?!

    Liked by 1 person

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