Review – ComfyToday 3-in-1 baby blanket

An added benefit of having an Instagram addiction account is that it is a brilliant way to discover unique and quirky children’s clothing and accessories from independent brands.

A recent find of mine is ComfyToday, a UK company that has come up with the fab idea of a 3-in-1 baby blanket.

Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product? It’s a soft fleece blanket, as well as a snuggly comforter, which rolls up to make a cute cuddly toy.

These 3-in-1 blankets come in a range of seven animal designs. Each one is made from a different colour fleece and trimmed in a complimentary fabric. We have ‘Toby the dog’, who is a light grey colour, with floppy ears and a fun triangle design fabric for his arms and legs as well as the trim. The fleece is really soft and cosy, perfect for a baby’s delicate skin.


I’ve accumulated many baby blankets over the past few years, in all shapes and sizes – striped, patterned, plain, knitted, crocheted, cotton – probably one for every day of the month. Having said that, there are a couple of favourites that I usually grab as I’m rushing out of the door first thing.

We’ve had the ComfyToday 3-in-1 blanket for a week or so now, and already it has been used daily. The lightweight fleece is perfect for this time of year when mornings are still quite chilly but you don’t want anything too heavy for when it warms up later in the day. Fleece has the advantage of being low-maintenance, as it washes so easily and seems virtually dry when it comes out of the machine (always a winner in my book). The blanket measures 90cm x 65cm when opened out – just the right size for a little person.


As far as the cuddly toy and comforter aspect of the product goes – the boy seems quite taken with Toby so perhaps he might soon become his favourite snuggly! The blanket even has a fourth use as a playmat, which would be especially handy while out and about.





This is a lovely, unique product that would make an ideal gift for a newborn baby through to toddler. The blankets are £14.99 from ComfyToday with free postage for UK orders over £20. They are currently offering a discount of 10% with the code COMFY10.

You can view the full range of blankets on the ComfyToday website and Instagram account.

We were sent Toby the dog to review. I have given my 100% honest opinion in this post.


7 thoughts on “Review – ComfyToday 3-in-1 baby blanket

  1. Fatherhood254 says:

    I love your review on the blanket and the way you have incorporated lovely photos of your little one that are high quality…now I want one for my little one…well written blog look forward to exploring your blog more

    Liked by 1 person

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